Temping and Contracting

Finding the right temp job

The Situations team can help you find just the right temporary, contract or interim role for several weeks, months or even years!

Assignments include everything from office junior right up to senior qualified accountants and the types of organisation on the Island that are seeking temporary staff are very varied.

People temp for many reasons, including filling in a gap whilst seeking permanent employment, to ease them back into the workplace after some time off, to save up to go travelling, to earn money during University holidays or to try various roles to help decide on a future career. It can prove a real help to the organisation you are working for, either to cover a staff absence, to assist with a particular project or to undertake a brand new role while the company seek an additional permanent member of staff.

The benefits of temping include flexibility in working periods and sometimes in hours, gaining experience in various companies, learning new skills, often securing a higher pay rate than permanent work and a relatively short notice period in case you are planning to move away from the Island or try a different career in the future.

If you are interested in temporary or contract work, please email temps@situations.gg or call us on 710639.

Temp and Contract Jobs

  • Temporary Either Compliance, Risk & Internal Audit
    Ref 32316 22 Mar 2019
    Our client is looking for someone with 2-3 years’ experience as a compliance officer, to join their team as a Compliance Officer for a 6 month period.  K...
  • Either Full Time Company Secretarial
    Ref 31095 22 Mar 2019
    A leading actuarial company is looking to recruit an Administrator, to join their Insurance Management team. The duties of this role include but are n...
  • Temporary Full Time HR, Payroll & Training
    Ref 32323 21 Mar 2019
    A global asset management company is recruiting for a Temporary HR Coordinator for a 7-month period from July 2019. This is a generalist role coveri...
  • Temporary Full Time Sales & Customer Service
    Ref 31118 21 Mar 2019
    Our client is seeking an adaptable individual with an attention to detail to join the Business Persistency team, as a Business Persistency Administrator f...
  • Temporary Full Time Compliance, Risk & Internal Audit
    Ref 32321 21 Mar 2019
    A multinational banking and financial services company is looking to recruit a Contractor to join their team for a 3-6-month period.  The role holder wi...
  • Temporary Full Time Trust & Company
    Ref 32320 21 Mar 2019
    A multinational banking and financial services company is looking to recruit a Contractor to join their Insurance team, to undertake the followi...
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If you are unsure about how to take the next step, or which step to take, give us a ring on 710639 or e-mail us to arrange an appointment and we will talk you through the best way forward. We can advise on which courses to consider, professional studies, how to try and secure that desired promotion, a change in career direction, altering working hours, and more...