Employer Services

At Situations Recruitment we don’t just place staff, we can assist employers in lots of other ways too including: Skills Testing of your Candidates, Payroll Services for your Temps, our Guernsey Salary Guide and Bespoke Salary Benchmarking to ensure you’re paying staff the right level, and Candidate Screening prior to their starting work for you - to name just a few!

If you’re an employer and need some extra help with your recruitment processes, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can assist you. Please email team@situations.gg or call us on 01481 710639.

Guernsey Salary Guide

With over 60 years’ recruitment experience amongst our qualified consultants, we have our finger on the pulse of the Guernsey employment market.  We are frequently contacted by our client companies to give salary advice and benchmarks for their staff and we often provide annual salary updates for entire workforces, so we’ve now launched a definitive Guernsey Salary Guide to make your life easier!

Bespoke Salary Benchmarking

We’ve been recruiting for Guernsey businesses for over 30 years and, with our Consultants having 60 years’ total recruitment experience, we have extensive up to date market and industry knowledge to offer our clients a quality salary benchmarking service.

Skills Testing

Finding the right staff with proven skills to add value to your organisation is all important. With an increase in the number of candidates applying for positions, proven testing of skills and systems knowledge can save precious recruitment and training time. We offer comprehensive skills and system testing of candidates.

Payroll Services

We have provided payroll services to our clients since 1986. Using up to date comprehensive payroll software, we can offer a full payroll service including all social security and tax requirements, whilst adhering to relevant legislation.

Candidate Screening

Situations Recruitment can provide a full candidate pre-screening service on a sliding scale of fees depending on your requirements, including obtaining all relevant CDD documentation as required.

Redundancy Assistance for Employers

If you’re in the unfortunate situation of having to make some of your staff redundant, we can make the process easier for you.  We’ll work with your business to provide third party neutral support to the relevant employees to assist them in every way possible with their future careers.

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If you are unsure about how to take the next step, or which step to take, give us a ring on 710639 or e-mail us to arrange an appointment and we will talk you through the best way forward. We can advise on which courses to consider, professional studies, how to try and secure that desired promotion, a change in career direction, altering working hours, and more...