Latest UK REC Report- May 2017

The REC’s report on the UK labour market for May 2017 provided the following interesting findings:-


  • The sharpest increase in staff appointments for over two years...
    May survey data highlighted a sharp and accelerated increase in permanent staff placements across the UK. Furthermore, the rate of expansion was the fastest for 25 months. Temp billings also rose at a steeper pace and recorded the strongest rate of growth since March 2015.


  • ...supported by marked increase in demand for staff
    The number of staff vacancies rose sharply for both permanent and temporary roles in the UK during May. Notably, the index measuring the total growth of demand for staff reached a 21-month peak in the latest survey period.


  • Candidate numbers continue to decline sharply...
    The availability of staff to fill vacancies continued to decline during May. While the number of candidates for permanent roles dropped at the quickest pace since August 2015, the deterioration in temporary candidate availability softened slightly since April.


  • ...leading to further robust increase in salaries
    Average starting salaries for people placed into permanent jobs increased at the quickest rate in three months during May. Hourly rates of pay for temporary/contract staff also rose sharply.

In Guernsey we’re seeing a similar pattern to the UK, in that permanent staff placements have definitely increased since the beginning of this year. Temp business has been more steady, but is due to rise significantly over the next couple of months. New Guernsey vacancies have been flooding into our agency over the last few weeks, both permanent and temp.



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