Benefits of a Gap Year

Are you considering taking a gap year before you go to university or start a career? Taking a gap year is a whole lot of fun, but it can also be rewarding in the long run too.

It’s the perfect time to experiment, explore different cultures, develop new life skills and perhaps learn a new language. In an increasingly globalized work market, knowing more than one language is going to make you a valuable employee.

A UK-based study found that 80% of people who have a gap year agreed that their gap year had “added to their employment,” specifically identifying the following benefits:

• Having extra time to reflect on career possibilities
• Learning a new language
• Acquiring additional training or qualifications
• You can gain new, or develop existing skills valued by employers
• You can experience a new culture, meet new people, learn more about yourself and increase your confidence
• You could be adding an extra boost to your CV which could differentiate you from other graduates

Dr. Andrew Jones of Birkbeck University in London conducted a Gap Year trends survey. And he argues that Gap Year “participants gain a wide range of life skills and other more specialized skills. These skills are often ones employers identify as lacking in new recruits.”

Whether you helped build schools in Africa or volunteered to teach children English in Cambodia, it will make your CV pop and stand out from the crowd. It is important being able to tell potential employers about your time in your gap year and what you took away from it. Employers will be impressed if you sell the idea that it has developed your cultural awareness and ability to cope with a crisis.

Your Gap Year can be incredibly valuable for your future job prospects if you take full advantage of the opportunity!

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